Conduct Unbecoming is a blog about Irish and international politics, economics and generally whatever rambling thoughts happen to be going through my head at the time. It’s written by Owen Rooney, who is a mathematics student and former member of the Progressive Democrats.

A lot of what I post up here wouldn’t be considered blogging in the usual sense. There will be detailed policy proposals and political and economic essays often several thousand words long and littered with copious graphs. If you’re looking for something more succinct, check out my Twitter feed, but in so far as possible this blog will be a place for detailed discussion rather than quick thoughts. As such, it won’t be updated perhaps as much as other blogs are, but hopefully when it is it’ll be worth reading.

The name Conduct Unbecoming comes from 1985 when Charles Haughey, the most corrupt politician in the history of the state, threw Des O’Malley out of Fianna Fail for arguing passionately against restrictions to the sale of contraceptives in a now-famous speech to the Dail. Haughey claimed that this was “conduct unbecoming” a member of the party. I can only hope that my conduct on this blog will be similarly unbecoming.


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